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Why Choose Google?

Google Cloud provides a unique opportunity for you to leverage truly open technologies. As Government agencies look to enable their organization - the ability to leverage Open Source technologies in a secure, scalable and innovative cloud will provide a best in class cloud experience while providing the flexibility to run in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.


Security. Scale.

With a mission to organize the world’s information and make it accessible and useful, Google has had to build things differently. The scale and innovation required to perform these tasks has led to advancements in technology that are available for customers and partners to leverage through Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


GCP provides government agencies a secure, scalable, and innovative cloud environment to help transform the way you deliver solutions to your employees and constituents. Together, we can help solve your toughest problems. With Google Cloud, our infrastructure is your infrastructure. Our tools are your tools. And our innovations are your innovations. Our open source commitment provides enormous opportunities for hybrid, multi-cloud and On Premises implementations.


Security is often a deciding factor when choosing a public cloud provider. At Google, security is of the utmost importance. We work tirelessly to protect your data—whether it is traveling over the Internet, moving within Google’s infrastructure, or stored on our servers. Through innovative approaches to hardware trust mechanisms, encryption, analytics and 0Day research, Google Cloud helps protect your resources.


Google has always been a cloud company. With 8 services each with over 1 Billion users we have had to build things differently. The investments made in networking and infrastructure as well as data processing techniques creates an enormous opportunity for you to leverage for your own organization.


Google Compute Engine instances have average boot times of 35 seconds.
Coldline delivers millisecond data availability for archive restore. Our Local SSDs offer 680,000 IOPS of sustained read performance – some other systems don’t reach half of that. BigQuery can scan up to 35 billion rows, 20 TB of data, in seconds. When evaluating a cloud provider, price and performance matter.


Innovation has been pivotal in Google’s growth and success. Without it, the underlying technology and infrastructure would not support the type of user and data growth Google has seen over the last 20 years. This innovation has led to whole industries focused around Google’s technology, which in many cases has been Open Sourced and provided in a community focused way allowing government agencies to implement on premises.


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